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Thermo knob Platinum Cookware

We offer global products from North America, Italy, Germany, France and Asia. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service quickly and efficiently.

We are Antix International,  an international marketing company that began in 1997. We are based in Portland Oregon. We believe every family should have the finest kitchen tools in the world to prepare meals for the most important people in the world, their families. Our mission is search the globe and provide them to you the consumer in the most affordable manner possible.

We believe that “Value is Vital”.

A Business Opportunity

Antix International is also about your future. Too many people live paycheck to paycheck. They don’t enjoy their work. Consolidation is a word with which many are well acquainted. Consumer bankruptcy is at an all time high. It doesn’t have to be that way. Antix International is committed to providing a proven business opportunity of success. Contact us to find out how to break free and share in that success that many are experiencing right now.

Work From Home: Become a Direct Seller
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