How it’s Made

Minimum Moisture and Waterless Cookware


THE METAL Platinum is made from Titanium and T304S, the one of the finest surgical grade stainless steels available.

These metals are not available in store bought cookware. The combination of the two makes for a surgically clean cooking surface with amazing durability. Platinum has a TRRI finish, Thermal Reflective Radiant Interior which enables it to fry foods without using oil. Imagine frying chicken, steak, fish, and even pancakes all without oil!

Platinum Technology: The Accuthermic Compact Base encapsulates 24 elements of metal that allow you to cook vegetables without having to use water.

 The special accuthermic compact base, with the force of 1.2 tons, gets inseparably adhered to the 1.2mm thick pot body made out of several light-metal layers. The bottom picks up even the lowest amount of energy extremely quickly, distributes it evenly over the entire surface and conserves it perfectly. These attributes guarantee optimal heat conduction, distribution and conservation.

The Temperature Knob is thermal-controlled and takes the guess work out of cooking, roasting, or steaming. Thermo knob Platinum Cookware

The Platinum Temperature Knob lets you know, at a glance, if you are using the correct temperature. By looking at your Temperature Knob you will know whether to increase or decrease the temperature. Enjoy reduced cooking time and eliminate pot-watching.

What is Minimum Moisture and Waterless Cookware?

Multi-layers of heat conducting metals spread heat quickly and evenly eliminating the need for oil. A vapor seal creates a vacuum in each pan and eliminates the need for excess water as well. Foods prepared the waterless, low-temperature way retain more vitamins and minerals. There is only a 2% average mineral loss with our Thermo-Control cooking method – a savings up to 47%.

There are two simple keys to cooking the Minimum Moisture way :

  1. Cooking at Low Temperatures
  2. Cooking in a Sealed Environment

How do we cook at Low Temperatures? The Platinum cookware’s accuthermic compact base is designed to cook at low temperatures.

How do we cook in a Sealed Environment?:
The Condensing Groove

The lid is constructed to fit perfectly and to insure that the cooking container is closed. The condensation groove takes in the hot humid air and forms a thin layer of water between pot and lid, which closes the pot almost air-tight. This means no evaporation and no unpleasant kitchen odors – the precious nutrients cannot escape!

  • Retains Moisture
  • Retains Vitamins
  • Retains Nutrients
  • Cooks Faster
  • Cooks in a Vacuum
  • Reduces food Shrinkage

The Antix Advantage Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

warrant-stamp Your stainless steel cooking utensils have been manufactured by the PLATINUM Cookware Company, and each piece is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, and that’s for a lifetime! But what’s the Antix Advantage? Getting your cookware from Antix International means that if you burn it, break it, or drive over it with you car, Antix will still replace it… for life. Not only is that an industry first, but it means you will have peace of mind knowing that Platinum will be the last set of cookware you will ever need.*

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