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It’s been about six months now that I have been using Platinum Cookware.  I became aware of them at a gluten free  expo here in Phoenix Arizona.  Shortly after the show, I set up a time for a demo.

Yes… that’s right I said a demo.  This cookware is NOT available at your local stores.  This cookware isn’t even able online.  You must have a demo done at your home by a representative.

Did I hear you just groan?  Trust me, I was NOT thrilled about that either……  AT ALL!!  To be honest with you I don’t even enjoy jewelry, candle, tupperware, adult novelties, make-up, or whatever kind of party you have been to where they sell products.  I actually HATE them.  I avoid them at all cost.  Sorry to all of my friends and family who are reading this and realizing I totally didn’t want to go to your party.  So when I found out that the only way to purchase this product line was through a demo I was not happy.

Since I am on an honesty kick right now… why don’t i just spill the beans on another thing.  I felt that this demo was going to be a complete waste of time.  I could not imagine a product being worth.. A. a demo and B. not being able to order it online.

With a groan like the one you just had, i reluctantly scheduled a demo.

My sales man Jesse was super nice and friendly and had no clue I didn’t want him there.

But I am always confessing to you guys when I screw up or make a mistake and today is one of those kind of confession days.

Crispy "Fried" Chicken thighs cooked on Platinum grill pan but with absolutely no oil or anything added to dry pan for cooking

HOLY SMOKES!!  This demo was impressive!!  I got to say, it was not because Jesse is such a super duper sales guy, which I am sure he was, but I was so enthralled with this cookware, I really couldn’t tell you much about Jesse’s sales techniques because that cookware had me hypnotized.

I will tell you.. I came from a sales background.  I used to work in the medical supply industry and I can see a sales person a million miles away and I can see a sales pitch from even further.  I am the HARDEST person to see to because not only do I know all their little sales tricks but I also am one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet.  For a sales person I am their worse nightmare!!

Let me tell you… there was NO sales involved.  Once Jesse showed me what this cookware could do I knew I wanted it.  Now, I just had to convince Handsome Hubby.  Well, it turns out I didn’t have to convince him at all, before I know it he was placing an order.  THAT is how impressive this cookware is.  Handsome Hubby could see the health benefits and cooking benefits

Pork Chop cooked without ANY oil or butter in Platinum Cookware

Now let’s talk about the actual product.  However, I do want to first mention that I taught myself to cook and although cooking is my passion, I am by no means a chef or a professional.   With that being said, I will confess to you that I have always been intimated by stainless steel cookware.  I taught myself to cook on non-stick cookware and have become addicted to the forgiving surface  of the teflon coating.  But I will also admit that same forgiving teflon that I had grown to love, terrifies me as well.  We have all seen what our pan look like over time.  Even I who hand wash every single pan can see the imperfections of the teflon.  I assume you are like me and keep seeing/reading things about the chemicals used in teflon.  But as much as I feared it, I fear cooking on the less forgiving harder to clean surface of the stainless steal cookware.

But Platinum cookware is not just your typical stainless steal cookware.  It is medical quality stainless steel.  That means this will not rust or oxidize like your typical cookware.  I find these pans incredibly easy to clean!!

The pans heat beautifully, evenly and retain the heat like no other cookware I have ever owned!!

Platinum Cookware

Those are all good qualities, but let me tell you something amazing about this cookware.  And I do mean amazing.  You can cook with no oil in them.  I make crispy chicken thighs all the time without adding any oil to the pan.  I also have made golden brown and juicy pork chops in this cookware… without adding a drop of oil to the pan.  I am not kidding… not a drop.

You can also cook veggies in a pot with no water.  You are not boiling or steaming away the nutrients… just getting awesome veggies.

However, old habits die hard and I can not make recipes around this cookware for the blog because I do realize that most people who read my blog are not owners of this cookware.  So I do make many recipes and create many recipes just like I did before with oil, butter, water, steam, or any other typical cooking method you would common use in any types of pan.  So you don’t HAVE to cook with none of those things, but its awesome to have that option.  But seriously… to cook a crispy piece of chicken without a drop of oil or flour or nothing!!  Trust me, that takes all the guilt out of it for me!!

Is this the answer for everything?  Is there anything negative about this cookware?  You may be asking yourself or me “so whats the deal”

Platinum Cookware cooking gluten free chicken stock to be pressure canned

Well as always I give you all the details good and bad.  This cookware does have some issues… or maybe it’s ME that has the issues, but issues all the same.  To this day I have not been able to cook rice successfully in this cookware.  I have watched the videos and read all about it on the internet.  I can not tell you how many pots of rice I have ruined trying to make plain and simple rice.  I am not very practiced with making eggs in them either.  These pans get very hot and retain their heat and the secret to a good egg is low heat.   Because of these two things, I have given up almost all of my cookware except, one pan to make eggs, one pot to make rice and my beloved cast iron pan (because there are just some fun recipes I like to make and create with cast iron.   Oh and I do not enjoy making fried rice in these pans… I just don’t feel like it is giving me the results my cast iron does.  However, other than that I use these pans exclusively and LOVE THEM!!  I can not tell you how many times a week I tell Handsome Hubby… “Have I told you how much I love these pans?”  He always smiles at me with a little chuckle and says to me… “maybe once or twice.”

The only other negative I am aware of is the cost.  They are expensive and I feel that many families will find it out of their budget.  BUT with that being said please consider this… they do have payment plans!!  Also, anybody who has ever purchased high end cookware knows that although pricing it last so long you pass it down to your kids.  Another thing to keep in mind, maybe we need to consider our cookware as kitchen EQUIPMENT and not something like dishes that are replaced frequently.  Thee pans are just as beautiful today, six months later, as they were the day they were delivered.  They are sturdy and have many great attributes I haven’t even discussed here.  So if we look at them as equipment the price tag doesn’t seem so bad.  Also keep in mind, this cookware is so beautiful and designed to be used as servers.  I swear you could use them at a fancy dinner party and they would be beautiful to serve your meals right from the cookware!!  So you are saving money on the purchase of serving pieces.  Finally, I can not put a price value on the peace of mind that I get from not having to think about that terrifying teflon!!

Platinum Cookware

OHHH and don’t let me forget to mention that in these pans you can use metal spoons, spatulas and any other utensil.  So that means you are saving money on the purchase of those utensils that are disgustingly melted after a few months.. Yes, I realize you can purchase heat resistant ones too but I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have some cheap plastic cooking utensils in their drawers…. and so you will be saving money with just using metal that will last “forever” as well!!  Heck ya!!

This cookware is sold in sets and the good folks at Platinum Cookware are awesome about allowing you to upgrade.  So lets say I purchased the smallest set they have… but in two months I wished I had purchased the next set… Well they let me upgrade to the next set just by paying the difference.   What an awesome deal!!

Do I expect everybody to contact Platinum and set up a demo… no, but I am sure glad I got past my “issues” with the demo and scheduled it!!  I can not tell you how much I just adore my cookware and prefer it over to any pans I have had in the past…


I was NOT provided with product or financial support for this product review.  The opinions stated here are simply my own.

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