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Platinum Cookware

“As a Naturopathic Physician I am always talking to people about food – not just what you eat – but the quality of it, the source of it, how you cook it, when you eat it, how you store it, etc. After all, food is medicine – unless of course it is prepared in lots of oil, destroyed by heat, and contains nasty chemicals (then it may as well be poison). After seeing Fotoula cook and present the Platinum cookware, I was pretty impressed. I loved the idea that I didn’t need to saturate my veggies in lots of oil to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan (oils can be healthy when used as a condiment… add lots of heat and it’s a different story) and I loved that I didn’t need to introduce a ton of heat and destroy the nutrients either. Our food supply is already so depleted, we don’t need to make it worse by heating our food to extreme temps. The final and probably the most critical piece of what impressed me and quite frankly “sold me” on the Platinum Cookware was the fact that other cookware “holds onto” old oxidized food &/or “leaches” disgusting chemicals/metals into our food. Again – I thought I had some pretty nice cookware – some that promoted being “green” – after tasting what was in the water after the “pot test” – I wasn’t just impressed, I was sold!!! I literally threw away my pots and pans and anxiously awaited my new set of Platinum Cookware. Of course, I pretty much ate raw food for the next few days. I love my new pots and pans. I love that I can get the most nutrients out of my food. I love that I can feel confident that I am not unintentionally polluting my two little girls with otherwise healthy foods. I love that my pots and pans will last forever. I recommend your pots and pans to my patients – after all – we are what we eat! And lets face it… no one wants to be “old, depleted, oxidized toxins”. Thank you both for all your awesome support and delicious recipes!”

In health & happiness,
– Dr. Wendy Abraham


“Our story with Platinum started when my husband participated in a draw to win a skillet in one of his marathon events. He won the skillet and we hosted a dinner party. We invited our family and friends not knowing what to expect! We love cooking and enjoy the eating that follows 🙂 We were apprehensive, not sure how the food will turn out… I had a gathering to feed! Antony was our chef, he came in with all his fancy toys (pots) and of course the food marinated and ready to go. He put on an amazing show, we had a blast! The health information, the slide show, the different pots, the endless possibilities with cooking and finally the food itself…we were sold. We became proud owners and so did my friend. The pots arrived in pristine condition and the customer service was above and beyond. We did not expect to be so excited and overjoyed, eager to experiment food yet at another level.

“The cookware works just like he said, the cooking times are cut in half! I tried a stew the other day and it took me about 40 min total! I did not have to stand next to the stove and keep stirring the ingredients, the stew was amazing without a drop of oil! And to top it off it was out of the freezer!! I am raving to everyone about my new pots..I love them and I think it would be the best gift to your loved ones.”
– Dr. Eman Lutfi, MD


“Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks! I was invited to a “dinner”, and thought it would be an interesting experience. Frankly, however interesting, I was incredulous and had no intention of buying. The presentation was compelling before dinner, and the nutritional theory seemed sound, but to see it in action was another story altogether. So, I bought! When my beautifully packaged cookware arrived, I couldn’t get it on the stove fast enough. What a wonder! This stuff does EVERYTHING it professes to do, really! I didn’t have the opening “bad week” that so many talk about. Platinum Cookware performed out of the box! No water, temperature controlled, “no peek”, no oils, full color and flavor retained, as advertised. The lids balance as trivets, the water dances, there is no sticking or scorching, and eggs hard cook without boiling…perfectly! As a 30 year career BSN-RN, I can attest to the health benefits of non-leaching, low-fat, nutrient preserved, full flavored, cooking. Never a penny better spent! If your hesitating don’t. You’ll spend less on this cookware, than you will your Cardiologist and Gastroenterologist if you pass on it! Thank you Antony and Platinum Cookware…there are many brands of “water-less” cookware out there (I researched), but none offering the full package like Platinum Cookware. My heart thanks you, wink! ”
-Lisa J. H., Portland, OR


“I bought my Platinum Cookware set because of the quality of taste, lack of leeched toxicities in food, lack of loss of nutrition of the food and to help decrease energy bills.

What impresses me the most with my set is how easy it is to clean even when I am not using oil, which decreases calories and saves me money. And it is the only cookware set that I’ve owned that I actually received a compliment on by a guest on how nice they looked. I would recommend this to a friend and a family member.”
-Dr. Deanna K Bower, DO


“Thank you so much for introducing me to the many benefits of cooking with Platinum Cookware. Prior to purchasing my Elite Set of Platinum Cookware I did not enjoy cooking and had a sign on my stove that read “Don’t Assume I Cook!”

I still marvel at the positive difference and richness in flavor that I experience when cooking with my Platinum cookware instead of my AllClad…no matter whether I’m cooking hard boiled eggs, fresh vegetables, meats, or an entire meal in one pot!!!

My daughter was home for a visit recently. I fixed her scrambled eggs for breakfast, forgetting that she didn’t know about my Platinum cookware. After a couple of bites she said, “Mom, these eggs are awesome. What’s different?” I was puzzled for a brief moment until I realized what made the difference…she was experiencing the delicious richness of Platinum cooking. I have happily introduced several of my friends to the Platinum way of cooking. It is a philosophy of preparing food that optimizes the nutritional value of foods through waterless and oil-less cooking.

Cooking with Platinum cookware has significantly increased my interest AND satisfaction in cooking. An added bonus is that I have been entertaining more because I enjoy experimenting with new recipes. My friends are amazed at the impact purchasing and cooking with Platinum cookware has made in my life. I am simply grateful.

So, again Antony…many thanks to you for this gift in my life.”
-Kathleen M. R.N.


“I have been cooking for 45 years and teach cooking classes in Sellwood OR. I have tested my new Platinum cookware many times. The worst challenge was to cook a crust less spinach pie with cheese in the grill pan. Any other pan would have been a disaster with ingredients sticking and burning. My pie turned out perfect. When I cook quinoa or rice, there is no sticking to the pan, no hot spots and they are cooked evenly and perfectly. I accidentally burned one of my new pans as I left the stove too long. It cleaned up beautifully…nice.”
-Terrie R. PCD, LC


“First, I’ll just say we love our Platinum Cookware!

Here is my Platinum story – Like most of you, my husband and I were invited to a “dinner party”. We thought OK free food, no mess, how could we go wrong; knowing we were going to hear a pitch for pans. Not in the market for pans, but dinner was free, so we went. The more we heard about the pans and after the dreaded ‘pot’ test, we became very interested but couldn’t afford them. No purchase was made that night, but the food was darn good! Now, I’m a person who’s lived with Crohn’s disease for over 25 years. I have trouble absorbing nutrients from food due to surgery years ago and am usually tired and generally just feeling run down. OMG the day after the ‘pan’ party I had more energy and felt better than I had felt in a long, long time. Throughout the day, repeatedly, I told my husband how great I was feeling. It finally made sense to me; the way I’d been cooking, as I learned at the ‘pan party’ literally cooked all the nutrients out of my food and then I’d have trouble absorbing what little was left. We ordered our cookware within the next week. Cooking the Platinum way allowed me to finally get the nutrients I need to feel healthy and the energy to live life.”
-Ronda, Salem, OR


“I bought the [Platinum] cookware mainly because of the pureness of the metal and the construction of the product. It holds heat well and cooks very evenly and is somewhat forgiving if you leave the kitchen for a minute or two, I don’t worry too much about burning anything. This cookware is a refined state of the art cooking medium that aids the chef in handling the cooking processes with great control. Hence the cookware treats food very carefully with slow even heat producing the most desirable result. I like the platinum cookware for aesthetic reasons as well and liken it to a fine silver set one would use in a buffet. Many times I have just put the pot on the table and served from it since its so polished and beautiful in appearance. I would suggest only using wooden utensils to preserve it beautiful appearance just the same way you would take care of fine silver although its very tough pure surgical steel. I highly recommend the Platinum line of cookware as an all around 100% best in every category product. There is cookware more highly priced but it doesn’t equal the Platinum line. For quality of build, pureness of the surgical steel and the healthfulness that goes with this I think its the best product available today.”
D. Smeaton retired Head Chef, Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, OR


“I just wanted to say that I love this cookware.  I purchased the largest set.  It has been the best investment in mine and my families health that I could make.  I have a very busy schedule and had stopped cooking.  Now I cook all the time because I can come home and take meat or fish directly out of the freezer place it in one of the large skillets and voila, dinner is served in an hour or less.  Medium on the stove to low is all I need do, just like they say.  The food tastes better very little seasoning is needed.  I have lost 34 pounds eating my own home made food.  Thanks for introducing me to these pans.  My family is amazed at how quickly we can all sit down and enjoy a meal.  I’m motivated because I save time and I have a better tasting more nutritious product when I’m finished.  I forgot to mention that clean-up is a snap.  Even if something sticks to the pan.  No more scrubbing and scrubbing to get the pan clean.  The always look like new.”
– Claudia, Vancouver, BC


“We bought our set of cookware 2 months ago and fall in love with it more every day. There are so many things I never knew about the differences in cookware until Sarah came in and rocked our world a little bit. When we bought it, it couldn’t come fast enough because my family lived on sandwiches and hummus all week. I refused to ever use my “set of death” again. Not only do I have the satisfaction of knowing that my family is getting a healthy meal every time I cook in it, but it has made my life so much easier. The ease in which the pans are cleaned is nothing short of amazing. Even my husband doesn’t mind cleaning up after dinner.

The other thing that has happened for me is that the chronic migraines that I have had since I was 12 years old have almost disappeared. The toxic cookware that I used to use must have had a lot to do with me being miserable at least twice a week. I never put 2 and 2 together until I started using Platinum. The transformation has been eye opening to say the least.

I would recommend this cookware to everybody. Invest in your health and your families health. You can either invest in your health before you are sick, or you can wait until you get sick. I would rather pay money to get a good product that keeps me healthy, than pay a hospital to fix what I have spent years messing up. Make the healthy choice for your family!!”
– Trisha, Portland, OR


“I just wanted to let you know that the nutritious, waterless cooking that I was able to accomplish with Platinum Cookware contributed to my daughter regaining her health. Last summer she was extremely sick with an unknown immune deficiency disease caused by her exposure to mold in her San Francisco apartment. She could barely move or function when she came to stay with us. We cooked plain, nutritious meals made from cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables and meats. Today, 6 months later she is extremely healthy; recovering so fast that her doctor’s can’t believe it. ”
– S.L. Paul


“I think you really have Abby and I addicted. We both couldn’t not wait to come home to cook. I got home first so I got to cook those steaks. I cooked onions with them and them a whole pot of vegetables in another pot. We had the best meal. I don’t think we will be going out as often as we have been. I should really thank Bill Handel. If it were not for him we could never have known about this incredible cookware. I cannot wait to cook my famous pork chops. It seems impossible to improve on my recipe but I somehow feel they will be even better with our new cookware. Again, thanks for all your help. I am telling all my patients about it. I LOVE these pots!!!. ”
– Dr. B. Figoten, CA


“I absolutely LOVE my cookware. I have to say that I was somewhat skeptical about it but it is the BEST cookware that I have ever used!”
– J. Mayeaux, CA


“I really enjoy my Platinum cookware. I have tried some recipes at the cooking school and they have come out great. The ease of clean up really make the cost worth while”
– G. Kappler, Vancouver, WA


“My husband and I bought a set of Platinum cookware in August 2009 at a dinner party that we hosted. We were so impressed at the quality of the cookware and the health benefits that it provided that we just had to have it. We both realized that it was an investment in the health of our family. I love the fact that I can cook my vegetables without water thus retaining the vitamins and minerals that we all are after in the first place. I am also a huge fan of the time savings associated with cooking with Platinum. I can now cook a healthy, nutritious, tasty meal in half the time! I absolutely recommend Platinum cookware. It has made cooking fun again for me and once you invest in a set you will never have to buy cookware again because it has a lifetime warranty. ”
– K. Crisman, Coupeville, WA


“After watching 20/20 and learning how harmful the non-stick and Teflon coating is, I was very concerned about what I was doing to myself over the years of using hand-me-down cookware. I not only had a handful of non-stick pans but the coating had scratched off over the years and I was cooking on pure aluminum. I did more research on different types of cookware and stumbled across Platinum. I contacted them to get more info and to my surprise they offered to cook me a whole meal and show me the product. I can proudly say that I am a Platinum owner and couldn’t be happier with this product, not only have I saved money in many avenues but I can be at ease knowing that the food that I’m eating is getting cooked in and on something that is not going to harm me or my family. It is truly one of the best investments I have ever made.
-S. Hall, Portland, OR


“We have owned our cookware for 6 years now. I can tell you that they are worth every cent! I use my grill pan at least 2 times a week and it is my favorite pan. I cannot ever go back to eating overcooked, flavorless vegetables again. We are cooking healthier now more than ever. Both of our grown children have sets of the cookware, we wanted to start them out right. They will never need to buy cookware again. Everyone should own Platinum Cookware.”
-L. Moore, Portland, OR


“I invested in Platinum because Heart Disease runs in my husband’s family. He has high cholesterol and doesn’t want to take medication for it so by using Platinum I am helping him to be healthy without the use of drugs. I love to have the option of cooking without oil and water. The vegetables taste so much better and the cookware is so easy to use. I highly recommend Platinum to everyone I know who doesn’t already have it.”
A. Taylor, Washougal, WA


“I’ve been using Platinum Cookware for about 8 years and I love it! The cookware makes cooking fun and easy. When you combine quality and technology, you have a knockout combination. The bonus is you know your family is not being poisoned everyday and you feel good about it. I could never put a price tag on my family’s life. I’ve had a couple items sent in for warranty and have had no problem. I love a company that will stand behind their products especially when it’s rare these days.”
-Julia P, Portland, OR


“I really enjoyed watching Antony demonstrating the [Platinum] cookware at a friend’s house. He was so knowledgeable about the cookware and health and so much fun to watch. I did not think I would enjoy somebody trying to sell me some cookware, but it was like going to a dinner party and health awareness party at the same time. He also welcomed everyone’s opinions and interruptions with so much patience and you can tell he really enjoys what he’s doing, for for 15 years now.”
-Web Posting, USA


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