Cooking Tips

Important Do’s & Dont’s for your Platinum Cookware Collection

Before using for the first time, wash unit(s) completely in hot soapy water with a 1/2 cup of vinegar added (This will remove any polishing compound residues).

Medium to Low is all you need to know

Your Platinum Thermo Control Knob takes all the guesswork out of cooking.

When preparing fresh or frozen vegetables:

  1. Fill your unit at least 2/3 full, rinse well in cold water, pour off water and cover unit.
  2. Set unit on a similar sized burner (small unit = small burner, large unit = large burner).
  3. When heat indicator reaches 40 reduce heat down to low (next to the lowest setting). Most foods (medium size) take approx. 10-12 minutes per quart after reducing heat.

Pre-heat for Meats

To prepare meats without oil:

  1. Preheat covered unit on medium heat for about 5 minutes(as above).
  2. Flick some water from your hand onto the surface of the pan. When it beads up and rolls around like marbles place meat or poultry into unit, press firmly, leaving the lid cracked open for approx. 4-6 minutes ( 4 mins for medium, 8 mins for well) Keep the heat at medium.
  3. Lift cover and turn meat with fork or spatula and press down.
  4. Most chops, chicken, burgers, etc. need to cook for about 4-8 minutes per side. When cooking steaks the average rule is 6 minutes per side.
  5. When preparing roasts after turning meat, you may add potatoes, onions, carrot, etc. right on top of your roast. Then reduce heat and cook for approx. 10 mins per pound. You can’t overcook, so relax and let it tenderize even more.

First is Worst

Certainly we don’t want to scare you but you should be aware that your first week with Professional Platinum Cookware may be your worst week.


Old habits are hard to break and we’ll bet you’ll carry over the tendency from your old cookware to turn the heat on high and “let it rip” in which case it’s likely that most things you cook will scorch and burn. Fear not…remember “medium to low is all you need to know” and,with that in mind,the adjustment period will be brief and the long term benefits to your health and culinary pleasure enormous.

Should “first” indeed be “worst”,here’s some helpful Clean and Care suggestions to get you through week #1.

Some more Helpful Cooking Hints

When using the Platinum Thermo Control Knob never lift the cover from the unit until the recommend cooking time been completed. Doing so not only reduces the temperature, but also results in a loss of valuable moisture from the food. Remember, the Thermo Control Knob tells you what is going on in the unit at all times.

No matter what type of range you use, if steam begins to escape from under the cover you are wasting heat! Reduce your heat and continue cooking. This will not disturb the cooking process, and all the natural juices and nutrients in your food.

Always be sure that meats and poultry are dry before roasting and broiling.

When searing meats or poultry (in pan broiling or roasting) press the meat or poultry down firmly to achieve even browning. Do not be alarmed if the meat sticks to the pan at first. Meat pores close when they come in contact with heat, and after a couple of minutes, the meat will loosen from the unit and it will turn easily!

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