Induction Range

Product Description

Induction cooking has been revolutionizing the foodservice industry, and it’s no secret why. Induction cooking works when any ferrous pan (cookware that attracts a magnet) is placed on an induction range. The range generates a high frequency alternating magnetic field, which excites the molecules in the pan, creating magnetic friction and heating the pan. This means fast, highly efficient heating – 80-90% efficient versus 35% for a gas stove. This is due in part because power is only drawn when a pan is on the range top. And, because only the pan is heated, your work area remains cooler than with a gas stove. No open flame, easy clean-up, and the ability to remain mobile and move from station to station means an induction range is perfect for presentation cooking, whether at the customer’s table, behind the counter, or at a show.


• Temperature Holding
• Overheat Protection
• Automatic Shut Off
• Space Age Resilient Tile
• Power Efficient
• Built In Timer
• Easy to Clean

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